Thursday, February 19, 2009

A spanko in a non-spanko world

I've joined a writing group as a way to actually interact with real, live human beings. It's just next door, which is what allows me to participate given my limited mobility. I'm really enjoying a bit of camaraderie and surprising myself with some of the writing I've done thus far.

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. We write based on prompts and one of the prompts tonight er, prompted me to write about a character interested in spanking. As different people read their pieces, I debated about whether I would share mine or pass. In the end, with a warning about its racy nature and what I'm sure was a bright red face, I shared. And it was received well. A few people even said they wanted to hear more, though I suspect that it had more to do with the characters rather than it being about sex and spanking.

Of course, that's just my guess. There well might be some kindered spankos in the class for all I know. However, I didn't get that sort of vibe.

I'd share it here, but it was only a few sentences, and I'm not sure if it might turn into something more that I might want to publish.

But it was sort of my small step for spanko-kind in the non-spanko world.


Paolo In Dublin said...

Hi Michelle,
You have just reminded me of my time going through accountancy at Night College here in Dublin some years ago. In some of my more distracted moments, I used to wander off into my own fantasy world, could there be another spanko among the group of 20 in this classroom?
I must say though, your tale is a good one, I could not see myself bringing up the subject among a group of people like that, so, fair play to you!

listener42 said...

That was the point I was trying to make when I wrote my Adult Fiction Novel... it's more about the people than it is about the fact that the main character is in a TPE relationship and gets spanked a lot.

The White Rabbit said...

Are you sure? I mean, if no one would guess it of you perhaps they're harboring similar secrets?

Just a thought. ^^

Natty said...

Paolo -- I have to smile a bit reading your comment because during the class I was having a terrible time focusing and not wandering off. And I started writing the story I did because I got tired of writing what I started out writing with that prompt, which was a very heavy, sad bit of memoir. I just so needed to return to my fantasy world. I'm still amazed I had the courage to share it.

listener -- Yeah I'm really excited about the story I started because it's more about the characters than the spanking. I'm glad to hear your writing reflects that as well.

Oh and maybe I'm just incredibly dense at the moment, but what does TPE stand for?

White Rabbit -- You could well be correct. And actually the one guy in the class besides the facilitator was smiling a lot when I read it.

Michelle Carlyle said...

natty, dear,

I thought you were a member of RWA? Since I'm a member, I'm around lots of women who write both "naughty" stories and vanilla stories. However, I barely talk about my spanking stuff. I, too, am too red-faced. But I find my spanky stuff informs my non spanky stuff and vice versa. Anyway, you're a very brave woman, reading that aloud. I couldn't. Too chicken. But since I write all kinds of stuff, it doesn't come up. Still, I admire you for getting out there. I'm in a critique group now that has helped me exponentially. We writers get too isolated. I'm glad you're reaching out. Good for you, my dear and keep up the good work!

Marie said...

I'm unhappy in both the "spanko" and "non-spanko" worlds...

In my non-online life, I don't think I can admit my sexual penchants to anybody except my husband. I would fear sounding like a weirdo if, as a 30+ year old mother, I explained that I enjoy getting spanked, not to mention getting a thermometer or suppo or enema up the rear!

Yet the "spanko" world, or at least the comics and novels that I've seen feature spanking, rarely pleases me. My problem is that I'm more into the "tender, but firm, loving care" than in SM. I don't want to see stories about serious whippings, people getting tied up, and so on.

Take for instance the Lady Jane scene which was discussed here. I could like it very much except that
* I don't like the fact that the punishment was given to Jane for refusing to be married against her will. I'd much prefer if the punishment was fair, if Jane was some kind of spoilt brat.
* The punishment is too harsh and painful.

Same for the RGE movie with the two girls skipping school with a fake illness, and getting enemas. Great! A little spanking for not taking their medicine. Great! But at the end, they ruin everything by caning them giving them weals and welts.

One comic book I liked was Liz&Beth by Georges Levis. There's one scene in which a hypochondriac lady goes pestering a physician, and the physician's wife, pretending to be a nurse, tells her what she needs is an enema and gives her one. That's something I appreciate.

I think of opening a blog - I need to overcome my laziness!

Natty said...

Michelle -- Thanks.

Nope I'm not part of the RWA. I suppose mostly it's that I've never really looked at my "spanko" writing as career-oriented. That may change at some point. I think, though, that I prefer to find a way to write about spanking in the vanilla world. So I guess I'm going to have get used to reading this sort of stuff in a vanilla writing group a bit more... :-)

Marie -- For most of my life my spanking kink has mostly had a domestic flavor. In junior high (12-14) I went through a period where I fantasized a lot about being a slave and terribly mistreated. But once I entered high school, it went back to my typical father-daughter reveries.

When I began coming out eight years ago, I too found a lot of the stories I read uncomfortable. Mostly because of the overt sexuality, though many stories also left a bad taste of misogyny with me. Over the years my fantasies have shifted again to include more violent, prison or slave settings with lots of non-consentuality. Most of my fantasies are still domestic or educational, but I'm much more open to overt sexuality and violence.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand where you're coming from, even if my own fantasy life as shifted in the last few years.

Also, you might want to skip my next VibeReview Fantasy as it's definitely not going to be quite your thing (prison, rape, etc.).

roguebfl said...

Now I was spanked at home till i was 14, I realized I was a spanko at 8 be even the I had a clear destination between a good boy spanking that i was interested in, and bad boy spanking i got from my parents.

Now I was nos never what I called abused by my parents. Though I was victimized to what might be called abusive levels by school bullies. So much so that I would rather my parents has NOT spanking at 14, because it hurt me far more to be grounded, where I where not being in my parents good grasses hurt me far more as it hurt my stable base that i counted on to get though the bulling of my peers.

but my spanko nature left me too shy to even consider suggesting it to my parent about spanking becuse cous of my intres in good boy spanking (hell i was to ebared to read the book on puberity the gave me)

roguebfl said...

*blush* Wrong thread 8/

Marie said...

I sometimes has stronger fantasms. Things like public birchings of miscreants.

A first problem is the difference between a fantasm and a realistic movie. There are ideas that I may like toying with, intellectually, but I perhaps would not like to see acted out.

A second problem is that a spanking or sex scene tends to be relatively brief, so porn movies and comics tend to be repetitive; so they have to move to harder, more surprising stuff, which soon itself becomes cliché.

I tend to prefer texts, such as short stories, to movies or comics - except in the rare case where these have a sense of humor.