Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Story: A Bedtime Spanking [M/F]

I wrote this story almost three years ago or so, before I met my boyfriend. So, it's not quite real life. We have no toy box (though I do have a naughty box he he he). No Purple Paddle -- actually, no paddle at all. And my boyfriend would never wear flannel pajamas lol. But, the rest of it is pretty close.


A Bedtime Spanking [M/f]

Julia sat at the end of the bed. Howie was in the bathroom doing his “getting ready for bed” rituals. Brushing his teeth. Flossing. Gargling.

Julia waited. She could hear him shuffling around. Then silence. Going to the bathroom now, most likely. Probably just a few minutes more.

She fidgeted. Brought her legs up onto the bed and sat cross-legged. Face in her hands.

Good lord, would he just come out already?

If she had to wait much longer she didn’t know if she could do it. To ask. But she couldn’t sleep…

Five minutes passed. What was he doing? Reading a Russian novel? Her fidgeting increased.

The door unlatched…

“Hey babe, what are you doing up? I tucked ya in a half an hour ago.” Howie emerged from the bathroom in his black and red Blazers shirt with red flannel pj bottoms.

“I can’t sleep…can you message my neck and shoulders?” Julia’s singing smile slithered across her face. Howie could see the subtle dimple in her cheek just right of her mouth in the light creeping in from behind the blinds.

“Of course.” Howie sat on his knees on the bed behind Julia. He kneaded the tight trapezius muscles that had knotted near her neck. Then manipulated down her spine and out towards her side. Julia gave little squeals of gratitude as his strong hands gently rubbed the lumps of rigid muscle. “There, is that better?”

“Oh yes, dear.” Julia’s smile. Warm like a summer afternoon. He encased her inside his arms. Laid his chin on her left shoulder.

“Ready for sleep now?” He kissed her cheek. She shrugged.

“I don’t know.” Ambiguous and sly.

“What’s wrong?”


“Maybe I should just hold ya for a bit.” Howie squeezed his chest tighter against her back.

“Well…maybe…” Julia let out a happy giggle. “Or…well…um, maybe…I need…abedtimespanking…” Like popping medicine down so you don’t taste it.

“Oh yeah?” Howie’s eyebrow raised and a grin overtook his face. “Hmmm…well, then, I’ll go get the paddle then.”

“Wait, I wasn’t meaning for you to use the paddle...” Julia scowled.

“But you know that if it’s gonna put you to sleep I gotta do it right.”

“Nuh UH…You can just use your hand. It’s hard…”

“Well, I’m going to get the paddle anyway, just in case.” Howie winked and walked over to the toy box next to the closet. The khaki-brown bamboo chest Julia bought at a garage sale soon after they married. He rummaged through and lifted out the Purple Paddle. A school paddle made by a friend which Julia painted a dark lavender. With little flowers, hearts, and a butterfly or two. Just thick enough to make a point and sting like the dickens, but not so thick as to bruise. At least not too much.

Julia pouted and stood up as Howie approached the bed. He sat back on the creamy down comforter with his legs stretched out. She climbed up on the bed and laid across his lap. Her navy t-shirt clad-stomach pressed against his left thigh. Her bottom covered with sky blue knit pj bottoms sprinkled with bright yellow stars and moons faced up over his right. Julia breathed in a centering breath, laid her head on her folded arms, and waited for the smacks of sleep.

Howie brushed his left hand over the middle of her back and began spanking Julia with his right palm. Steady, certain slaps. Not too hard, but enough to make her wince. Full slaps across the middle of her buttocks. Down low near her thighs. Over to the right. Then the left…Disjointed at first. Then a steady rhythm.

The pattern paused as Howie grasped the elastic waistband of Julia’s pajama bottoms and cotton panties. The stars and moons scrunched down over her fleshy cheeks. She raised her stomach and thighs just enough for him to continue pulling the cotton sky down to her knees. He rubbed his hand over her warm, rose skin then resumed his earlier cadence. Across the middle. Down near her thighs. Over to the right. Then to the left...Stingy and strong. Jiggling the pads of fat and muscle. Julia’s wincing tightened her eyes and mouth holding whimpers of hurt.

He paused again and gripped the Purple Paddle that had sat forlorn next to him. Tapped it against Julia’s red, tender skin. Then brought it down with a hard thwack.

“Ooweee…” Julia yelped. Howie followed it up with several more hard spanks. The paddle was long enough to strike both cheeks at the same time but required a determined wrist motion to do so without punishing the right cheek and neglecting the left. After a couple years of practice, Howie had mastered it. With thoughtful, resolute spanks. Julia released her whimpers. She squealed and curled her toes. Cradled her face in her arms. The spanks came down to the intersection of her thighs and buttocks. That tender sit spot. She cried out the onomatopoeic terminology of pain. The paddle sliced the top of her thighs. Scalded. Over and over. Though there were no tears, Julia’s whimpers congealed into the sound of sobs. Howie brought the paddle back up to the fleshiest part of her buttocks. He slapped down the paddle there with a measured beat for a long while. A perpetual pulse that stung but didn’t burn. Julia loosened her rigid wincing. Took in large, full breaths. Howie softened the spanks to firm pats. Then he halted.

“You feelin’ sleepy yet?” he whispered. Julia nodded as he rubbed her soft, hot skin. She continued to pull in air with her stomach. Howie picked up the paddle and resumed his stiff, smarting taps. They crescendoed into searing smacks. Harder. Faster. Biting across the middle. Onto the sit spot. Down along her thighs. Julia sunk her face back into her arms. Cried without tears. Squealed, sobbed, and squirmed. Jerked her feet towards her bottom. Gripped the comforter between her fingers. Unknown emotions that she couldn’t name spilled out with her yelps. Emotions that had been haunting the muscles throughout her body. Released by the throbbing thud of the Purple Paddle. Howie returned to the purposeful pats of earlier then stopped and slid the paddle down onto the bed.

“Shhh…it’s alright. It’s all over now.” His hand hovered over her raw buttocks and thighs in a gentle caress while Julia continued her tearless sobs. With his left hand he stroked her hair. First with his palm, then with his fingertips. Soft and tender. Her sobs turned to whimpers and then to a cleansing gathering of air. “I’ll go get the aloe vera gel while you get into bed.” He slid his left arm underneath her chest and guided her up onto her knees. She crawled over to the top of the bed, then lay down on her stomach.

The gel made Julia shiver as Howie rubbed it over her skin in small, purposeful circles. He put the bottle on the nightstand, returned the pj bottoms around her waist, then lay next to her and resumed stroking her hair. She turned the left side of her face onto his chest, atop Scottie Pippen with a big head holding a basketball. And as she roamed off into dreamland, she smiled.

Sometimes, you just need a bedtime spanking.

Coypyright 2002 Natty


Anonymous said...

lovely story, just caught the right mood. Oh roll on bedtime! - Angie

Anonymous said...

Terrific story, subtle and to the point, so much better than all the other crap online

Natty said...

Thanks so much! That's very sweet. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that I'm better than all the other crap online. :-D