Thursday, May 25, 2006

The List

A long time ago I promised to post a list of all the things I've been spanked with. Here they are in the order I remembered them in (i.e. mostly random). There are links to some moments in which these implements have been used, or in one case to what it looks like as it was used on me before I was blogging. The ones with no link are also ante-blogging.




Electrical Cord

Wooden Spoon

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Metal
Frying Pan

Cutting Board


Scrap Strap

Razor Strop


Dog lead/leash

Riding Crop

  • Rattan
  • Bamboo

Punishment Stick


Fly Swatter (both ends -- the wire end gave me welts!)

Remote Control

Complete Works of Shakespeare Vol. 2: Histories (quite thudy)


Clothesbrush (I think that's actually what we've been using whenever
bathbrush is mentioned)

Bathbrush (way before I was blogging)


Slipper (Men's from Marks and Spencer -- can't find a pic at their site. )

Shoe (what the Brits refer to as a "slipper" and something A. got five times when he was a cheeky lad in primary school)


Coat Hanger

Yeah, I think that's about it...


Megs said...

What no wicked stick? It's one of the few implements that I sincerely fear as opposed to fun tingly fear...

Natty said...

Oh my, what's a wicked stick?

Inquiring -- and sick, twisted -- minds want to know! ;)

Tarte said...

Poor ol' Will!! Then again, he might just be delighted his Histories were still making an impact 5 centuries later. I recently experienced the weighty words of Boccaccio in just such a manner.

What a fun way to recall past adventures. Though I haven't yet got around to reading all of them, I still have a particular fondness for the apple tree switch!

(glad to see your mojo is hanging in there)

Natty said...

Boccaccio eh? he he he

As I look around my library (one of the few things to commend living in a studio) I do wonder what other texts might work as implements. Some of my Arabic grammar books look promising, as do a few novels. I think ol' Will was a bit too bulky to be very effective.

Yes, the apple tree one is my very favorite by far. Emotionally, writing that post provided a moment of closure for something that had been haunting me for a long time. As a writer/reader, I like it because it's such a nice mix of poignancy and sensuality.

And yup, the mojo is hanging around. It took a break most of this last week but now it's on the comeback. Which is good because there's only 11 more days until I get a damn good spanking... :D