Thursday, December 16, 2004

Grand Canyon Spanking

Grand Canyon at Lipan Point Posted by Hello

I feel so exhibitionist here, which is totally not me usually. But, it IS a cool pic. Unfortunately you can't see any marks from my spanking.

We just got back yesterday from a trip to the Grand Canyon. The weather was brilliant. During the day it was mild -- 50 degrees or so -- and cold at night so that the snow from the week before was still on the ground. But the roads were all clear and the sun was out and bright.

There were a lot of people at the main viewpoints but the smaller ones were almost deserted. "Right," my boyfriend said with a grin, "if nobody's at this next stop, you're getting spanked." As we got out of the car, a few other cars pulled in and I thought I was safe. But after a few pictures, they left and we were all alone. After taking a few more pics of our own and making sure everyone was truly gone, I bent over the rail. My coat was pulled up, my jeans and panties down. The sun was starting to set so the temperature was dropping. And in the chilly mountain air I got a good 20 or so stingy smacks on my cold backside. Ouch! ;)

And since we were taking pictures of everything else (255 pics altogether! God bless digital cameras and big old flashcards), we had to get a few pics of this.


Anonymous said...

That's a VERY cute picture.

The shadow line across your butt looks almost like a cane. ;)

Thanks much for posting it. You say you got "a few pics of this." If there are more, please post them too!


Anonymous said...

How adorable are you? :) What a wonderful picture. I'm glad you're having such a good time.

Are you sure there are marks from your spanking? ;) {hugs} Mija

Natty said...

[blushing] Awww, thanks for the sweet comments.

Yes, my dear Mija, I really did get spanked but I think it was so damn cold that the hand prints on my backside instantly became white again. ;)

And sorry to disappoint you, Discord, but I'm afraid that's all the pics of my derriere that will be posted. Just posting that one pushed my comfort level to its very edge (but it's just such a cool pic...). Besides, that really was the best of the bunch. The rest were just more of the same but not quite as good.

Natty [who is not quite ready to begin a porn career...]

Anonymous said...

No problem. The pics are only fun if you're comfortable posting them. Thanks again for the post.

Chief Wannahockaloogy said...

Is... that picture a double-exposure?

get it?

Mary said...

Dear Natty
what a Beautiful picture and a wonderful experience! That must have been thrilling for you both! I am envious and now suddenly craving a trip to the grand canyon. giggle I have never been spanked in such a wonderful place unless you count a beach in Mexico but that was only a couple of swats over my swims suit. but I don't have pictures of it. ::frown::
Sincerely yours

sCruuw said...