Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Story: Wrong Driver [M/F]

I'm doped up on a lot of drugs this week and don't know when I'll be awake enough to post something original. So, I dug around my archives and found this oldie.

It's another story looking at the darker side of the kink that I wrote after one of many lengthy threads on the newsgroup about discipline vs play spankings in which a friend of Mija compared disciplinary relationships (or domestic discipline if you are so inclined to call it that) to driving. It was an excellent discussion and the driving analogy helped me understand why an earlier spanking relationship I had didn't quite work, as well as inspired the following story.


Story: The Wrong Driver [M/F]

The dishes were still in the sink. Some crusty. Others floating in chili bean slime since Jenny went to visit her sister. And in the living room, Matlock was on.

“Oh, honey, you’re back!” James dropped the remote on the coffee table and jumped up from the recliner. Jenny let him embrace her, but didn’t return the hug. Just stood looking at the empty boxes that should be filled with the pictures and knick-knacks on the walls that would be moving in two days. Boxes he promised to pack while she was gone. “Oh, I missed you so much.” He squeezed her close.

“Yeah? Well, it’s probably good that I’m back then…Especially as those dishes need to be done," Jenny said a flat, tight voice. James blushed.

“I’ve been meaning to do those.” Then he straightened up. “But you’re not doing any dishes – the doctor said you’re suppose to rest. And if you don’t rest, I’ll beat yer butt.” Almost like he were taunting her. Jenny rolled her eyes.


“Then do the damn dishes.”

“Hey, don’t take that tone with me, young lady, or I’ll take you over my knee right now.” He was half smiling, but she knew he would.

“Fine. I’m gonna go lay down.”

“Alright.” He sat down and picked up the remote. “You did go to your doctor’s appointment yesterday, right?”

“No…” Fuck! “With the whole thing with Mom, I totally forgot. But, it’s just a routine blood test. No big deal to reschedule.”

“I understand, but…” He put the remote down and stood up. “We made the rule. No skipping doctor’s appointments”

“Oh c’mon, James. It was an honest mistake. Yesterday was crazy.”

“I know, but doctor’s appointments are important.”

She was too tired to argue as he pulled her over his lap.

The sting was gone as Jenny laid in bed that night but she was still sullen and she wasn’t sure why. Yes, she had agreed to the rule. It was a fair, necessary rule. And she liked rules. Structure. Discipline.

Yet, she also thought of the dishes, which he finally did after Matlock. The empty boxes, several of which he filled that evening. But only because she was home to make sure. To give him exact instructions. Like she did last month at the airport when she had to stay with him throughout the check-in process to be sure he didn’t get into an argument with anyone that would keep him from his flight. Or had been trying to teach him to call the temp agencies early in the morning to get jobs. And to sound peppy on the phone.

She knew he liked taking care of her. Liked trying to provide the structure she craved. But…

“I don’t want you to punish me anymore,” she explained when he came to bed.

...It was like being in a car with a driver who speeds excessively. Tailgates constantly. Is lost all the time…

And she didn't want him to drive anymore.

Copyright 2002 Natty


Jigsaw Analogy said...

Oh. Wow. That story really resonates with me.

I think the problem with real-life relationships (mistyped that as "realationships") is that just because one partner needs spankings, it doesn't mean the other partner is necessarily the more responsible one. And that's hard, because I think part of what I, at least, crave within the discipline side of a relationship is someone who is able to take over some of the job of being the responsible one.

Thanks for sharing. There's a lot to think about in this.

Natty said...

I'm glad it gave you food for thought. And I totally hear ya about a craving for discipline being a lot about wanting someone else to take over some of the job of being responsible.

I remembered when I heard the driving analogy it clicked with me why the relationship I had with a person who I based the male character on in this story didn't work out. I needed to be able to trust whoever was in charge of disciplining me to be responsible and with that person I was soooo topping from the bottom most of the time.

With A. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I can trust him even though he isn't nearly as anal retentive as I am. In fact, that anal retentiveness part of me reflects my need to control my surroundings as those around me usually can't be trusted with it. It's nice to be able to let go of my excessive need for control knowing that I can let go because everything will still be okay if I do.