Sunday, March 20, 2005

My blessed willow switch

In my Carpatho-Rusyn Byzantine rite Catholic parish we call today "Flowery Sunday" rather than "Palm Sunday" because, well, let's face it, there aren't too many palm trees in Eastern Europe. So, instead of blessing a bunch of palm branches and marching around the church, the priest blesses a bunch of willow switches and we all march around the church.

And being the pervert that I am, all I could thinking of was, "hey, if these switches are blessed, does that mean the spanking you get with them is a blessed spanking?"

It also occurred to me that the Easter Monday tradition of boys spanking girls with a pomlazka in Moldavia and Bohemia, from where our particular ethnic branch of the rite hails, may have just as much to do with, well, doing *something* with all those blessed switches as it does with fertility and gettting rid of all the bad stuff accumulated during winter.

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I know that's all I could think of during church as the kids whipped the thin, green switches through the air during the procession.

And in the fellowship hall afterwards.

And all I can think of still as my blessed willow switch sits on my table (which will probably not be quite so green and swishy by the time my boyfriend gets back over in a month or so).

My blessed willow switch Posted by Hello


Alex Birch said...

Hi Natty

I just returned from Prague where pomlazkas were selling well over the Easter period although I'm told that in central Prague you are not allowed to swish young ladies in public anymore, following a few complaints mainly from tourists.

A young Czech guy in a cafe when I asked the origin of the ritual said with a grin 'Our girls grow up healthier and prettier if they are whipped every so often'.

I couldn't really argue, now could I !

Natty said...

Nope. That is rock solid logic.

I mean, I know *I* am healthier if *I* am whipped every so often.

Or more often...