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Story: Patron Saint of Spanking

This story first appeared on the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup on August 18, 2002.


The Patron Saint of Spanking

Born in a village in the south of France in 1381, Saint Michelle was the only child of a poor tanner and his wife, who had, up until her birth, been barren. As a child she loved to attend daily Mass and began compulsively reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary at an early age.

However, she also had a penchant for mischief, often teasing others mercilessly as well as playing pranks. One day as she was teasing a boy about his appearance, the Holy Mother appeared to her holding a birch rod and sternly reproached her for being such a wicked child. At the end of the vision, the birch rod lay at Michelle’s feet. She grabbed it, and ran home where she found her father seated on a chair. After handing him the birch rod, she pulled up her skirts, lowered her undergarment, and flung herself across his lap, exclaiming, “Father, you must whip me for being a wicked child.” Her father complied and laid the birch rod upon her vigorously until her bottom was raw. Every night after that, at the conclusion of her evening prayers, she would present the birch rod to her parents and ask to receive a sound thrashing as perpetual penance to maintain her piety.

When her mother died from a fever at age 13, Michelle was sent to the nearby convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. She continued her habit of nightly birchings at the hand of the abbess, as well as received additional punishments and penances from her confessor. As time passed, her piety and holiness became well known. In her autobiography, “La Fessee Pour L’ame,” she credited her punishments for purifying her soul and focusing all of her mind and heart on Christ.

The same fever that stole her mother took Michelle five years later. After her death, there were several visions of her. One man with a wife who was often lewd and profane prayed for advice about what to do. Saint Michelle appeared to him in the same way the Holy Mother had appeared to her – holding a birch rod – and instructed him to thrash the girl, who became an example of womanly virtue afterward. Another husband had long desired for his wife to spank him, but she refused. Saint Michelle appeared to the wife, again with her birch rod, and filled her with the desire to love her husband with a sound thrashing. She has also appeared to numerous school children who have sought her assistance in enduring their just punishments.

The Church recognizes the devotion, piety and holiness of this great saint, who has helped many seek lives of greater charity and sanctity even through the embrace of physical chastisement. She is the patron saint of spanking, and her feast day is celebrated on August 18.

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Anonymous said...

There is no such Saint.

Natty said...

LOL -- um, it's called parody... said...
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Natty said...

I have it on good authority that St. Michelle likes chocolate. And vanilla frozen yogurt. ;-)

Seriously though, regarding religion and spanking, it depends on specifically what sort of religion you're interested in. I have a few posts that look at how my Eastern Catholicism interacts with my spanking -- "My Natty Moods" and "Wholeness of Being" in the left sidebar.

A couple of blogs that come to mind would be "Skin Prayers" and "Radha Sutra" -- both in my blogroll. Unfortunately I'm too lazy tonight to put the links in.

Perhaps I'll write a post about this. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

ghost said...

A quick request here – I put my email address in my earlier post and I got to thinking that this may not have been too bright. It will be harvested by spam-bots and turn up in search engines. Is there any chance you can remove the email and change it to just read ghost or anon?

As for what religion – I have a couple of degrees in religious studies and I’ve studied a great many, so I’m open to most all spiritual beliefs. I guess I was most interested in who one might appeal to if they were in need of a good spanking or who might incorporate spankings into their practices. But your blog entries gave me a little different perspective on spanking and spirituality. If you haven’t read “Radical Ecstasy” by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy, you might find this interesting – it looks at the spiritual dimensions of leather play. Anyway, I did enjoy your entries – I think I may have a male version of the Natty you describe somewhere inside of me.

At any rate, I’ll begin offering prayers to St. Michelle, that she might convince my wife, or someone in my life, to regularly give me those whippings I so truly deserve. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find a cure for my version of the “Her dry eyes” problem. ;)

ghost said...

(Note: First published at 10:17 am, July 4th, 2008)

I stumbled across your article as I was trying to research religion and spanking. The problem is that if you search for "goddess" and "spanking" you end up with a list of dominitrixes and if you search for "patron saint" and "spanking" you end up with discussions on corporal punishment in parochial schools.

At any rate, your site was the closest I could come - even if it is fictional. (I had heard that Saint Brigid or the Goddess Brigid were associated with spanking but couldn't find any links).

All the same, I may try offering St. Michelle prayers in hopes that, like the husband in your story who desired his wife to spank him, she will intervene on my behalf. Hmm, I wonder what I should use as an offering?