Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That's punishmentbook.NET

Just a quick public service announcement regarding the recent domain change of The Punishment Book, which now ends in .net rather than .org. Some nasty, underhanded pornographers got their hands on the domain and immediately set about diverting traffic to their sites. I suspect most readers of this blog are probably already aware of the change as it happened almost a month ago. But I figure it's better late than never to do my part in spreading the word about the url change.

I would also highly recommend Dyke Grrl's recent PB post about potches and how nice a nightly smack can be for a disciplinary relationship.

Also note that I've done a bit of updating of the right side bar (I hope to continue updating various parts of the blog in the coming months). To the list of my stories aways down the right sidebar I've include my two Nanny Bea stories, Natty Gets a Nanny (which I recently found posted to another site without my consent or even a link back here -- so not cool), and Natty and the Confiscated MacBook, as well as one quick link to all of my Vibe-Review Fantasies (to be broken up into separate links at some future point) since there's a lot of smutty fiction to be had in those old moments of commercial whoriness.  I also added my post Why Domestic Discipline is Not Domestic Violence to the greatest hits list (also to be updated at a later time) as I think it was one of my better essays. One of these days just maybe I'll finally have the whole blog -- stories and all -- available in ebook format.

At any rate, back to radio silence. And wishing Nanny Bea were real.

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