Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank you, dear reader

Since I'm too sick to really get spanked much anymore and can't blog all the stuff I think about laying in bed (though I hope there will be a few posts forthcoming in the months ahead), there aren't as many lurkers here as there were in the giddy days of 2005. But there are still a couple of hundred of you who stop by each day. Some of you are new readers who have managed to stumble upon an old post. Some of you are dear, old friends who I've never had the pleasure of learning your name. But to all of you who come by, whether old or new, thank you. 

There's not much to write for Love our Lurkers this year except that I miss you, dear reader. Enjoy your anonymous reading and if you feel like it, give a wave in the comments section here and/or at any of the fine spanking blogs you peruse today.