Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank you, dear reader

Since I'm too sick to really get spanked much anymore and can't blog all the stuff I think about laying in bed (though I hope there will be a few posts forthcoming in the months ahead), there aren't as many lurkers here as there were in the giddy days of 2005. But there are still a couple of hundred of you who stop by each day. Some of you are new readers who have managed to stumble upon an old post. Some of you are dear, old friends who I've never had the pleasure of learning your name. But to all of you who come by, whether old or new, thank you. 

There's not much to write for Love our Lurkers this year except that I miss you, dear reader. Enjoy your anonymous reading and if you feel like it, give a wave in the comments section here and/or at any of the fine spanking blogs you peruse today.


Cookie Crawford said...

Happy LOL day

Hermione said...

Hi Natty,

Happy LOL day! I'm a frequent visitor to your blog and always enjoy my visits here. I hope you write more "Nanny" stories for us.



Happy LOL day.


Kaelah said...

Hi Michelle/Natty,

I've only started lurking regularly on your blog a short while ago. Your post about Dom Lord Something-o-ruther made me think a lot since my mother died of cancer last year and I was glad that she got all the medication she needed in order to live a "normal" life as long as possible. Sorry for not having written a comment on that post. But I want to use this chance now to say "hi". Happy LOL day and I hope you will soon be well enough again to have enough energy for some more writing (and of course for all the other things that make you happy, too)! :-)

Ludwig said...

Happy LOL day to you, Natty, and my very, very best wishes. I hope you get better and I look forward to reading more from you. Love and strength!

Master Retep said...

Happy LOL day. You put me to shame. I didn't even realise it was LOL day.

patty said...

I visit, I read, I smile and I worry. You're one of my rocks. Hang in there.


AngelBrat said...

Happy LOL Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Natty. Your blog is one of the more helpful.

Lurker Me

Bonnie said...

Hi Natty,

We still love you! Thanks for being a part of LOL Day.


Natty said...

You guys all rock! Thanks for cheering me up and being the best readers a blogger could as for. :-)

P.S. Kaleah, I'm so glad to hear that -- glad your mom got the meds she needed and glad it made you think about the pain med situation in our country. :-)

Spanking Paddles said...

Natty I really wish that I would have found this blog sooner! Just hoping that you get in a few more updates where I can maybe participate a bit!

Natty said...

Aww...thank you. I'm hoping I can get in a few more updates soon too!

Like your site, especially with the reasonably-priced paddles. :-)