Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A jolly good time

Geesh. It's been so long since I stopped by Blogger that the compose interface page has changed!

It's mostly Microsoft's fault. On October 14th I downloaded the ginormous security updates from Microsoft and haven't been able to open Windows on my laptop since. My dad spent two days last week working on a system restore to no avail. As you can imagine, I've been cursing Microsoft with the crudest expletives I can think of since.

It had to happen just after the most amazing research development in ME/CFS history. Not only have I been wanting to read obsessively about it and can't, but the ME/CFS group I hand-moderate went crazy. Instead of spending a combined total of 10 minutes a month moderating in the comfort of my bed, I've been sitting up in the kitchen on the broken down Averatec I'm sharing with A. for a half-hour to an hour a day approving posts and trying to keep everyone in line (with mixed results).

Unfortunately I can only handle sitting up in the kitchen for a maximum of a half-hour to an hour most days. So, you know, there wasn't much energy for anything else like, oh say, reading any of my other email. Twittering and/or blogging, of course, came to a screeching halt.

Moreover A. and I have been passing a cold of some sort back and forth. It's meant a stuffy nose and chest for him and vertigo for me as it affected my inner ear. For the last month we've been in a cycle where I'd start to feel better on Friday. We'd play gently on Saturday.  I'd crash on Monday and be so sick for the rest of the week that I didn't really care that I was jonesing for Twitter and didn't have a laptop with which to get online.

Last week the vertigo finally settled down, but then I started having problems again with my sacroiliac joint and left hip slipping out of place. Sitting at the computer in the kitchen was excruciating. And spanking was out of the question.

Yep. It's been a jolly good time.

But things are starting to look up. I'm sitting and walking fairly comfortably now and the world is no longer spinning, though I think we both still have a bit of stuffiness in our lungs and noses. My moderation duties have quieted back down as our group returns to its usual tepid level of discussion.

Alas, however, blogging will have to wait for a bit. Some incredibly generous friends are donating a used MacBook but it will be another week or two before it will be in bed with me (hehe that sounds so kinky).

Usually such breaks from the computer mean I have a lot to write when I finally come back. And this break, I suspect, will be no exception. So, I'll see you all in a couple of weeks with lots of naughty thoughts and stories.