Friday, April 24, 2009

The UN Spanking Court

Bit of a startle on Jon Stewart last night in a segment entitled "Sh#it That's Never Gonna Happen" in which he details how conservatives are so worried about the UN telling them they won't be able to spank their kids, that our fair nation has yet to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child -- the only other country that hasn't being Somalia. "The UN Spanking Court?" balked Stewart in response to the fears of conservatives. "Not gonna happen."

Though an international court that utilized spanking...Now that one has a bit of fodder for fantasy...

Actually I had a friend, K., who was from Sweden, a nation which had banned the spanking of children. K.'s father was a policeman who would be ostensibly enforcing said law. However when young K. pointed out to his dad that his ass was now safe, his father promptly replied that he would continue to take K. over his knee whenever he damn well felt it was merited. Interestingly enough, K. grew up to be a UN peacekeeper where he learned first hand how (in)effective UN treaties are.

I must confess that my lack of blogging this last week is probably a result of my having developed a Twitter fixation. It's like being able to hang out with friends without having to expend the energy required for instant messaging or actually going out. However while it may meet some of my socialization needs (which cannot be underestimated when one is housebound), it's ultimately not a replacement for proper blogging which I hope to return to in the coming week.

Though Twitter isn't exclusively to blame. I am in the process of analyzing my activity level and how best to balance my need for rest with my need to interact with the outside world. Can't say I've come to any concrete conclusions yet, which is why my posting has been so erratic lately. I can say my blogging will continue; I just don't know how much and how frequently yet.

I'd talk more, but my medication has kicked in and I don't know how much longer I'll be coherent. ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'll probably get spanked for this post...

Ah, dear reader, I have not forgotten you. Indeed I have missed you all a great deal these last few weeks as I've padded the blog with obligatory repostings.

Recently I've been trying out a new internet regime as part of my effort to rest more. My time online is limited to two and a half hours and damn does it go fast. The new regime has produced results. I've felt stronger and had less pain this last week. Now I just have to figure out how to spend less time reading every fascinating thing I stumble upon (not to mention Twittering), and more time strategically spending my allotted minutes blogging.

In the meantime I thought I'd link (yes...more padding) you to a prize-winning story I read awhile back that those of you who like schoolgirl stories might enjoy. No, there is no spanking. It's a contemporary story. But the main character is indeed a naughty girl who gets herself into trouble. The writing is rich, sensual, and truly wonderful. And I really loved the ending.

Right. I'm 40 minutes late for bed and I think...oh dear, maybe an hour over my limit? I haven't been paying enough attention tonight...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pleasurists #23


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Bebe by Beautiful Dreamer

    Love Being Woman, once again, seems very friendly. Warm & welcoming. One of the things they set out to do was a create a vibrator designed by women that was beautiful AND functional. And they’d had enough with the tacky images and bad packaging. As someone who dissects every package with a little too much critique, I have to say I definitely appreciate their attention to detail.

    Editor’s Note: I try to pick posts which are not only well-written but also which are somehow unique or unusual and make me desire to own the toy being reviewed. This one definitely fits both of those criteria. Interesting information, gorgeous toy that I’d never seen before, and overall a wonderful review!



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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sugasm #162

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I crashed badly last week/week before last and have been slowly climbing my way back to my normal baseline level of energy. Unfortunately writing (among other things) has suffered as a result. And not just here. I even had to drop out of the writing group I wrote about back in February. But I'm feeling stronger with each passing day and hope to catch up with blogging this weekend.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out some of the Sugasm posts for this week as there was quite a lot of great writing. My personal favorites included one that made it into the top three picks, "Tied naked in a field of grass," as well as "Work Violation" and "HNT ~ Blood makes noise," which looks at a rather taboo topic even among kinksters: menstruation and sex.


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Justify My Love
“All I could think of was to have his arms around me so that they could make everything right.”

Tied Naked In A Field Of Grass
“Growing up on a farm has its advantages.”

On Machismo
“It’s very weird, this rigid interpretation of gender in America.”

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Sex Work And Compassion: The Angry Family

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