Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Sunday Switch

If anybody gets spanked around here on Sundays, it's supposed to be me.

But since A.'s arrival at the end of April, most Sundays have found me a bit too weak for a weekly schedule and spanking. Or, as was the case last Sunday, A. has had to work.

However, this Sunday my expectations regarding what I've often imagined becoming a comforting and familiar ritual were tempered both by my still-sore backside (exacerbated by the clothesbrush the day after that) as well as by the fact that, well, I wasn't feeling particularly submissive.

I can't remember now what exactly started it, but our conversation Sunday night shifted to A. feeling subby and me feeling, at the very least, not subby. Soon we began to discuss the possibility of him being my slave for the night. Both of us played with his swelling member as we considered what he might do for me and what might I do to him during his service and eventually agreed upon an enslavement of two hours.

The last few months I have been having the fantasy off and on of him naked and strapped to our wooden-planked futon frame while his pale, quivering cheeks glowed an ever deepening shade of red under my hand.

His birthday spanking in May was my first taste of this reverie in reality. And while I did give him a hearty introduction to our noble American tradition -- with the marks to prove it -- it was sans the restraints. I was still doing poorly at the time and not fully able to revel in my sadism. And forty-two strokes just didn't seem to satiate me.

His birthday, though, added another dimension to my dominant fantasies. Per his request, my present to him was a cock ring/leash. And I tell you dear reader, once he put it on, got down on his knees, and I took hold of the leash, I was positively wet.

The first twenty minutes of A.'s enslavement, however, were spent looking for the restraints. Three of the four were found, and I decided to make do with the cord that ties the curtains together as a substitute for the missing wrist restraint. Yet as A. bent over the futon frame, I realized I'd misjudged how tall he is and/or how diminutive the futon frame. My homemade restraints proved worthless as his arms and legs lay well past the bottom of the frame (unlike me, at eleven inches shorter, whose legs dangle).

No matter. I had the riding crop, right?

I surely did. After reddening his cheeks with the ping pong paddle (in which I gave him a whole new appreciation for an implement he once dismissed because it has a silly name), I laid into him with that riding crop. Watched with delight as brick red welts began to pepper his lower cheeks and thighs. Smiled with what was probably far too much pleasure as he cried out and wriggled about. And warned him that this was just the warm-up.

The first time I tried to top A. many years back, it was a complete disaster that ended with me in tears. After that my clever darling appealed to my competitiveness by setting up contests in which I had a set amount of time to get him to give in or I lost and would get thrashed. Needless to say, I generally ended up much more sore than he. Topping was hard work. It was acting. Playing a role that took a lot of research and with which at the end of the day I found little in common. Had illness not reduced me to a state of a semi-dependent child/prisoner craving control over something, I think my journey to domme-hood would have been much longer.

After a massage and a bath under the glow of candlelight, I ordered A. back over the futon for the main thrashing. A few months ago he and I talked about pushing my topping limits a bit more. While I've moved past the incessant mental apologies with each stroke, I still have a tendency to stop too soon. To see the marks beginning to accumulate and worry I'm going to break him, which is in fact what I should be doing. This time, with the soothing security of a safeword, I was going to let go of my hyper-empathy and push both of us further than we had gone before. And unlike any of the other beatings I've administered, he was going to feel this one the next day.

Several dozen strokes of the cane introduced several dozen crimson weals and welts to mingle with the earlier ones from the riding crop. Being an Anglo-American couple, I thought it appropriate to match such a British implement with a quintessential American one: a 16 inch oak paddle. I've only been on the business end of it a few times, but that is enough to know how truly sincere his howls of pain were. Especially as I kept having to tell him to move his legs apart and lay against the futon. Most understandable as many of those strokes were full force. I finished with our electric cord loopy whip, mostly because I love the violet loopy marks it makes on his pasty skin. Many of those strokes were also as near to full force as I could make them -- though not without some harm to myself. Whenever I pulled it back before slamming it down on A., the tips of the loops would snap back and hit my knuckles. Yet my bruised knuckle had nothing on his battered ass. Nothing.

Afterwards I led A. to the bed and awarded his suffering with my breasts, bulging out of my black-lace bra, as well as the ultimate prize: my soft, shaved cunt. I reclined against the pillows in awe yet again as he too seemed to handle me in a state of awe. Closed my eyes and squealed with glee as he skillfully pleasured me. Laid in his arms for a few moments afterwards before helping him climax.

A few years ago my beloved began to whisper over the phone to me about how much he wanted to worship my body. I replied with sheepish flirting even while my face became hot and my eyelids failed to hold back my tears. How could I demand -- even accept -- worship when the best I could give my fat, broken, diseased body was half-hearted forbearance?

Yet I've always been a big believer in the "fake it 'til you make it" adage, and the more I let A. caress and fondle my feet, my breasts, my belly, my ass, and my cunt, the more the idea of veneration moved from mere toleration to a service I could increasingly -- and truthfully -- insist upon from my slave even if a part of me remains amazed by it.

With the duration of his enslavement over, A. was more than ready to take his revenge. Unfortunately I haven't been quite ready to switch. Indeed my inner sadist has been enjoying watching the poor dear think up whatever silly and completely dubious pretexts he can think of to get me over his knee.

"That's it. This is going in the punishment book. This clock (pointing to the one by the bed) is not set to the same time as that one (pointing to the one on the wall)."

"I think we should play a spanking game. We haven't played Spanking Poker in a long time."

"Right. You've got five minutes to finish that post, or you're going over my knee."

And each time as I laughed and teasingly told him to fuck off, he feigned such shock and grief (even as he too was laughing). Perhaps, after responding to my concerned query yesterday about his ass that it felt fine, I'm lacking suitable sympathy.

Yet now that this tome of a meditation is coming to a close, I just might, just maybe, be ready to be his naughty little girl again...

...Or not.


Jigsaw Analogy said...

awww. somehow, despite your description of beating A's backside, this was such a sweet post. I'm glad the two of you are getting to have a bit more fun.

Dirty Little Angel said...

natty- it's so nice to hear from you again. i hope you're feeling better what with all the medication that was troubling you before.
glad to see that you and A are enoying yourselves so much :D i for one can't quite wrap my head around the idea of topping my partner just yet, but you never know. he does display some subbie behaviour from time to time ;)
take care, natty and keep having fun with A alright? :) cheers!

Natty said...

Thanks JA. I'm glad we're having more fun too. :-)

Heya Dirty Little Angel -- love the pic on the top of your blog!

The last few days I have been feeling a lot stronger -- it's great! I hope it lasts for awhile. :-)

It took me a long time to wrap my head around the idea of topping too. I think when it really clicked was when I approached it from the position of a spoiled princess demanding everything she wanted while at the same time being very cruel. At least, that has intersected well with A.'s subbie kink.

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind thoughts!

marianne said...

I find topping to be an awful lot of work, and I'm not very good at it. Yet... I can see the appeal, and the couple of times I've tried have been very arousing.

Natty said...

Yeah it definitely took some getting into character before it wasn't quite so much work. It's still less intuitive for me than subbing.

But it certainly does get me as wet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi Natty,

love your blog!! i was introduced to your site by my SO about a year ago. we're both spanko's and Byzantine Catholic (i was just received into the Church in May). we're both converts and i know you are too. my SO has been Byzantine for more than 15 yrs and me just a year now. i was wondering how you became a convert and how your confessions go (if you want to share that is.) it's hard for me when Father says maybe "SO" can help you in this way and i'm thinkin' you have *no idea* how *exactly* he's going to *help* me (cane, paddle, wooden spoon, etc...)

i love the Byzantine liturgy and wouldn't have it any other way now that i've found it.

i'm a full-time sub and he's a full-time Dom and that's the way it is for our relationship. spanking is a way of life for us as it is for you and your A.

i was just wondering how you came to Byzantine Catholicism and if A is a Byzantine Catholic as well and how you (both) find confession to be.


spanking o said...

its not easy getting into character, theres so many bad spanking actors/actresses out there

Natty said...

mp -- I promise to get to your question soon! I think you emailed me (if you didn't, my conversion is a topic of interest to more than I thought) and I'm soooo backlogged on email at the moment after being sick these last few months. But I *will* get to it, God willing.

spanking o -- It's true, getting into character can be difficult. And I know I've definitely seen plenty of badly acted spanking porn.

However, there are also some spanking porn actresses who do some fine acting. I think my favorite is Adele Haze in The Red Reformatory.

Natty said...

Oh, mp, I forgot to mention Raven, who is Roman Catholic and talks a lot about her faith and kink. While I don't have much input regarding kink and confession, she mentions a bit of her experience in a comment here.

Oh and A. is Roman Catholic culturally but not practicing.