Monday, July 30, 2007

First openly spanko TV personality?

Grand Inquisitor - News from the Big Brother house on Channel Annotated

"Well," chuckled Carole, "you'll have a laugh here. Are you married? Single?"

"I'm a virgin. I'm not into sex," came the intriguing response.

"Looking to find love?" continued an unfased Carole, "Are you heterosexual?" she added.

"I'm attracted to both genders," confessed Jonty, dropping a second bombshell. "I don't do sexual, I just do spanking instead."

A. told me yesterday afternoon about this conversation at the Big Brother Halfway House and he wondered, is Jonty now the first openly spanko TV personality?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ramdom perving amidst real life

Ooof! Has it been over three weeks already?

While some of my absence has been related to adjusting to new medication and family stuff, mostly it's been due to my laptop. It's so rickety now that it's basically a desktop, which means I can only be online a couple of hours a day off and on. And as my laptop is sorta like a space heater with a keyboard, I didn't even turn it on a couple of weeks ago when it was in the 100s.

But fear not, my gentle readers, help is on the way. Some ME/CFIDS associates familiar with my laptop travails are donating a sturdy used Thinkpad that is pretty much an equivalent machine to what I currently own. Hopefully I should be getting it sometime next week (knock on wood). And when I do, I'll be able to curl up in bed and blog about all sorts of spanking-related thoughts, especially as I'm feeling a little better on the new medicine (Lyrica [Pregabalin] for you Fibromyalgia readers out there).

And being the pervert that I am, there's been plenty of spanking-related thoughts going on in my sick mind. Here is a random sampling:

  • In this post, I mentioned that I've been having a fantasy about the, um, you know, that rectal exam I had back in March. So much so that I decided to buy some KY Jelly -- or rather the Safeway equivalent. And the label on the back talking about what it can be used for included "An excellent lubricant for insertion of rectal thermometers, enemas, douches and similar types of nozzles." I was seriously weak in the knees reading this...(insert dirty perv moan here).
  • Thanks to the new medicine, I actually made it to a public lecture last month given by a guy who would probably have been my academic advisor had I not gotten sick. He was discussing the background to recent events in Gaza and the West Bank and when talking about Fatah's election loss he stated sternly "they should have taken their whipping and gone off into the corner." It was a lovely moment of perving in an otherwise very serious hour and a half.
  • Television can provide a lot of pervy moments. A number of pals, like Mija or Haron (actually, she blogged about it a few times, as did Abel), have noted a recent episode of Dr. Who set in a British boys school in 1913 that gave them plenty of fodder. While I'm stuck watching the first series on PBS (and I should be grateful they bought a BBC show that wasn't My Hero), it too has had it's squirmy moments, particularly as my A. has a northern accent similar to Christopher Eccleston's. Like when Rose brings about the end of the world and the Doctor asks her to apologize. He even had the same sort of tone of voice A. has when he suggests I apologize for whatever misdeed -- real or imaginary -- that I've committed. Or when some alien force has taken over a little boy and the Doctor tells him sternly to go to his room. True, it's not the same as him holding a cane at a public school, but, well, I haven't gotten to that series yet.
  • Along with drooling over stern moments in Dr Who, TV is peppered with spanking references, particularly if the characters are African-American. In just about every episode of Everybody Hates Chris, the mother is threatening or does spank her kids (always off screen). And just before going to sleep the other night while watching Bernie Mac I heard him threaten his nephew. "Boy you better start icing your ass now..." I can even remember an episode where he takes his nephew over his knee. I've always loved predominately African-American shows, most likely because of all the spanking references, but also because growing up poor, I could relate to a lot of the situations (Good Times was my favorite).
  • And then there are John Wayne movies. I'm watching the Duke, along with other westerns, because should I ever get well enough to return to my thesis, one of the themes I'll be writing about is the western. So, you know, it's a perfect blend of kinky and academic Netflixing. Two little tidbits so far include Glen Campbell spanking Kim Darby in True Grit, which prompts Wayne to tell Campbell to stop as he was "starting to like it too much." And in Stagecoach, the Mexican helping out the stranded riders starts going on that "no matter how much I beat her, she never stops going." One of the riders asks "your wife?" Nope, it was his horse he was beating. I've also watched Mclintock, but, well, that whole movie is about spanking Maureen O'Hara. Think of it as The Quiet Man set in a frontier town, but with more spanking. There are more thoughts I have on John Wayne movies and spanking, but I'll save that for another post.
Yeah, I know. I really should quit just writing all of this down in my notebook, but post it here instead of saving them all up for one long post. And when I get the new laptop, I will.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Fourth of July post

So, uh, the most popular page on this here blog today was the one about my stars and strips knickers. Seems appropriate. ::grin::

Can't tell if I'm just exhausted from new medication or if it's post-viral stuff or what, but hope to blog again soon.

In the meantime, hope you have plenty of fireworks tonight -- literally or figuratively. ;)