Monday, September 19, 2005

Head girl ain't what it used to be

These head girls from a recent Indy article are so not what you read about in those spanking stories...

If it's got you hankering for the good old days, check out this oldie but goodie from Pablo over at the Treehouse.

Human Contact

I just finished eating my dinner from Meals on Wheels, and I have to say, I've never been more grateful to have people show up at my door with a warm cooked meal. Indeed even as I typed that last sentence I started to tear up a bit. The isolation of illness has been particularly brutal since my boyfriend left last week to head back home to England.

Damn those 90-day limits on tourist visits.

As those of you who read this blog regularly have probably noticed (and there are a handful of you who check in at least daily) it's been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. My immune system has been overwhelmed with a variety of infections: a staph infection in my right index finger, an ambivalent respiratory virus, two separate UTIs, and the ever-present yeast infections that accompany 5 weeks of antibiotics. It's all left me so weak that even moving my fingers across a keyboard has seemed like a gargantuan task. And since other trivial activities like bathing or cutting up a few vegetables for soup have also turned into gargantuan tasks, blogging has been relegated to the superfluous.

However, when you spend most of your time without actual human contact, blogging becomes a way of feeling like you do have some sort of connection to the outside world. A way of sharing all those thoughts running through your head as you spend hour after hour laying in bed. A way to feel like you're contributing something even as illness makes you feel so damn useless and burdensome.

So, blogging hardly feels superfluous. It certainly provides a necessary function in my life. Yet, despite it's value, I've been made painfully aware this week that it can't take the place of human contact. Friends in Canada or Florida or England or California are unable to be here when I'm too sick to type.

Which means that on days like today when I can finally type again, you all are all the more precious to me.

As are those good people at Loaves and Fishes who came and woke me up with a Styrofoam package of sausage, mashed potatoes, spinach, cottage cheese and peaches, a dinner roll and Nilla wafers.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Another thing to add to the list

I got spanked with a leek the other night. Yup. Really.

I was laying on my side in bed watching TV because I was sick and A. came out to ask me a question. Noticing that the leek in his hand was slightly whippy, he smacked me with it a few times on the bottom.

"Owch," I said. My pain threshold is crap these days. And it did have a bit of a thud. He grinned and ordered me to lay on my tummy. "But I'm sick," I pouted. Though I was secretly a bit excited to do something not illness related. So I turned over. And he gave me a few more whacks.

So, now I can add a leek to the list of things I've been spanked with.

And yes, he did wash that leek before putting it in the soup.