Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stripedy like a zebra horse

Oh my - two posts in one day! (A. has been out for the afternoon -- he he he.)

One of the cool things about not being able to use use my computer as much has been that I've been reading more. You know, books.

Like, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingslover. A brilliant book about about a family of Baptist missionaries from Georgia who go to bring the Word of God (whatever that is) to the Congo in 1960 as told through the wife and four daughters of the misogynist, racist, clueless minister. And being a Free Will Baptist minister (indeed I remember hearing once that Conservative Baptists were found to be the most frequent users of corporal punishment), he is liberal with his use of the rod so there are frequent spanking references. My favorite is from five-year old Ruth May:

"That razor strop burns so bad, after you go to bed your legs still feel stripedy like a zebra horse."

Thinking mode

I've been in one of those meditative moods of late. Not much spanking going on because I haven't been feeling well and not much posting going on because I've had an infection in my right index finger that didn't respond to the first round of antibiotics (but thankfully has now responded to the second) and has made it hard to type. Plus, my boyfriend has been hogging the computer (hmm...better be careful here...he gave me the strap the last time I said that over at the Punishment Book...) in order to get his website up and running (which it is, which means he's on the computer even more).

Okay, teasing aside, he's actually been very good at sharing the computer with me when I need it, so I can't really say that's the reason I haven't been posting much. It's been more that I've sorta been in thinking mode. Perhaps some of you go through those times when you think about your kink and yourself.

One of the big things I've been thinking about has been how much I want my spanko self to integrate with the rest of me. Like, maintaining two separate blogs so that "Natty" and "Michelle" end up being two different entities on the blogosphere. After a month or so of thinking about this, a long-ass thread at the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup came up about this very thing. About how out we should or want to be with those outside of our little subculture. It was one of those threads where I was so busy pondering what was being said I didn't have the energy to construct my own response. Well, at one point I did venture a response, but it wasn't particularly articulate or original and was pretty much ignored. I can't say that I've yet come to any grand conclusion, but thought I'd let you all know that I'm in thinking mode at the moment.

In the meantime, I leave you to ponder the wisdom of Kinky Friedman from this feature in the New Yorker about his campaign for govenor.

“You have your life and your work, and you should get the two as confused and as mixed up as possible. Make it all one fabric. Vincent van Gogh did that. Hank Williams did it, Allen Ginsberg, Bukowski, those kinds of people did it.” He thought about it for a moment, lit his cigar, and added, “Anne Frank, of necessity, did it.”

Friday, August 12, 2005

About that discussion...

Yep. We finally had it. And I posted the details over at the Punishment Book should you care to read them.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've blogged a few times about my nieces, who appear to be spankos-in-training. Such as here, or here.

So, tonight one of my sisters and I took the oldest two out for their birthday. After watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (was a bit nervous, but I actually quite liked it) and eating pizza at Eatza Pizza (nasty pizza, but nice employees), my sister and I dropped them off at home. I went to give the oldest a hug and as she bent down to hug me, I gave her 11 soft smacks. The next oldest comes running over. "Give me my birthday spanking 'Chell!" And, well, I gave her a hug and 9 soft spanks. Their mother's boyfriend says that he hasn't given them their birthday spankings yet, to which the 9-year-old responds by running over to him and throwing herself over his lap, causing him to wince and complain about his hurt knee. And promise that he's going to give them their birthday spanking at their pool party in a couple of weeks.

Yep. That'll probably be their favorite part.

Monday, August 08, 2005

A few blogs of note

Just wanted to let you all know about a few blogs I've been reading but haven't had a chance to add to my links.

The first is one from Dyke Grrl, who has been a familiar poster to the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. She writes both great stories and thoughtful posts, and I'm so excited she's joined the blogging world. Yay!

The next one gets the award for the most original url addy. Naughty One, who is at, blogs about her spanko life in a nicely designed blog. Poiesia also recommended lolalane's blog, Dirty Girl, and I'm liking that one too.

And lastly there's Annie's Blog where another housewife blogs about her kinky spanking life. Good writing.

Right. Probably should go as A. has decided to clean out the freezer. We went to Trader Joe's this afternoon and after playing a bit of Freezer Tetris, that clever boy devised a cunning plan to make a list of the contents of the freezer. Maybe I should start a "what's in your freezer" meme...

He usually only does this after he's been smoking weed, but as he's been without, I'm not sure what's got into him. However, when he gets into his "let's organize" mood, it often ends with me getting spanked.

Like the other day.

Which I'll have to blog about later.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A somewhat sort of night

Whiskey makes A. somewhat subby. Somewhat.

And last night he drank enough to get him into that somewhat subby mood. Enough to make me pleasured.

Being dommey isn't my natural instinct, but for those rare occasions when it's requested, I'm getting a little better at it. Last night when I accidentally whacked him on the balls with the riding crop, I felt bad like I often do. But only somewhat. Certainly not enough to stop whipping his ass.

Though the problem I usually have is that the whiskey so desensitizes him to pain that I have to whack him so much that it makes me more sore than him. The most extreme case was once last year when I had an hour to get him to give in or I would get thrashed. After an hour of wrestling him down, handcuffing him to the fireplace railing and whipping him with every painful implement I could think of, the bastard never gave in. The next morning he was all "hmm...I'm hardly sore at all" while I was aching over every inch of my body.

Last night it was just my shoulder that was so achy. I need to figure out an implement that will hurt him but will save my arm.

A tazer perhaps?

But as I said, he's only somewhat subby. It lasts for a very finite period. And when it was over last night, I was the one on the business end of a cane. And a ruler. And his hand -- which let me just say, is getting harder and harder.

Though he had way more marks on his backside than I did when we went to bed. ::evil giggle::

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Real life

Okay, how sick is this?

My back is KILLING me (well, not as much at the moment -- I took three Lortabs and a Flexeril about an hour and a half ago) but I'm totally craving a spanking.

Yes, I know. You're thinking that I'm just wanting the endorphine response. And yeah, that's probably part of it.

Part of it is also a little bit of wanting to feel little as I've felt so damn old and sick for the last two weeks.

And, partly, I'm rather randy. Except A. and I are so out of synch on that level. Or rather, I've been too damn sick for the most part to be randy at all. It's something that happens every blue moon anymore. And at the moment, he's exhausted from his sleep being all out of whack.


Well, any spanking at this point would sorta be cheating since I'm on so many drugs. ;)