Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long time no post

Yeah, I'm sure some of you are thinking, when the hell is that girl going to post something already?

Actually, my boyfriend was chiding me about it just the other night. And you can imagine what he thought the remedy for my dereliction of duty should be... ;)

And I really have been meaning to post a few things.

One, I think I have spanko neighbors. The other night, when it was warm and everyone had their windows open, I heard this rapid smacking sound and a sort of high pitched squeal-like cry. Then it stopped. Then awhile later the same thing. It went on like that for a good hour or so. Sounded like just a hand, no implements. But damn has it made me curious. And it's hard to figure out who it is when your apartment building is three stories.

Two, spent yesterday reading stories over at Nathan Rysher's site after reading a nice piece he posted to the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. I've always really liked schoolboy stories. Well, at least the ones where the teachers aren't viciously cruel. I think it's the idea of corporal punishment being sort of a fact of life and used to push pupils to do better that makes me like them. And Nathan's stories encompass all of that. Makes me almost wish I was a boy. :)

I'll try and post a bit more throughout the week. There's a lot of spanking-related thought going on in my head. Just haven't had much energy to post lately. Hopefully some newly purchased iron supplements will change that soon. :)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Spanking dreams

Have any of you ever had a dream where you get spanked (or are spanking) in a dream?

I have before but the one I had this afternoon during a nap was the first one where I woke up rather aroused.

I don't remember it all that clearly, just that I was talking on the Internet and then my boyfriend was suddenly around. First he spanked me with his hand otk. Then there was some sort of audience in what looked a lot like the balcony in my old church but with a swimming pool below. My boyfriend was at the front and people were sitting there and I had to walk down to him and then sort of kneel down or something and then he whipped me with a riding crop.


That's when I woke up.

Yeah, I miss my boyfriend a lot. And getting spanked. :)

Though, my fantasies of late have been far more tame. More the little girl otk thing. Real life has been tough these last few weeks. My foray back into the classroom has been a disaster health-wise. I'm now being added to the elite group that, along with those 65 and older, gets to participate in Meals on Wheels (though I should say that I'm so relieved as I've been struggling to cook myself healthy meals on a regular basis). There are times when I start to think my therapist's suggestion about using a walker may not be such a bad one. And my mom made a comment the other day that by the time I am a senior citizen, I'll have the whole thing down pat.

That made me feel oh so much better.

Needless to say, ageplay has a lot of appeal at the moment.

Think I'll head to bed now and drift off to sleep to memories of past times when my boyfriend and I have dabbled with ageplay and I sat in his arms on the couch as he read me Amelia Bedelia...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A spanko at Safeway

On my way home from acupuncture I popped into Safeway to grab a few things -- sandwhich bags, Ben and Jerry's, green onions. As I dragged myself through the aisles I saw a plastic fly swatter and thought it might be handy now that the weather is warm enough to open the windows letting in all sorts of bugs. But it also looks like it might be a nice slapper of sorts. Then as I came out of the produce aisle they had a bunch of kitchen gadgets on sale. Including a very solid, wide wooden spatula. It was only $1.99. I couldn't resist.

As I placed the fly swatter and the wooden spatula on the conveyor belt for the cashier to ring it all up, I couldn't help but have that delicious sort of naughty feeling. And wonder if he was thinking how these implements might be put to use also (though if he did, he certainly didn't show it).

However, I've been going through several bad pain weeks again. It's a long, sordid tale about our shitty, poorly funded Medicaid system that I will leave for another blog to rant about. But, needless to say, I'm back to having those mixed feelings at the moment towards spanking. On the one hand, I certainly fantasize about spanking a lot. Yet when I think about actually getting one, I get all tensed up and scared. Sorta like last fall. Which, then I get all scared that I'll have to give up spanking. Especially after reading last night in a magazine at the acupuncturist's office that chronic pain actually changes brain chemistry and can actually shrink the gray matter in the brain. But, as I looked it up in the medical journals, I also stumbled upon a study which suggests that the brain processes chronic and acute pain differently.

So, I guess I can keep getting spanked for now. Or rather, maybe wait a few more weeks or so until my brain calms down a bit. Which will be just in time for my boyfriend to get here. :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shower spanking

There's no other word for this post at Thoughts from a Spanko but...mmmm.... :)

Medicinal Spanking

Yes, I believe I have discovered a medicinal use for spanking.

I've been having problems with pain in my right flank area - the hip, right buttock, upper front and side of the thigh, the illiopsoas region. Some of it is bursitis, some of it is muscle tightness from years of not walking properly because of my bad ankle, some of it (caused by the bursitis and muscle tension) is a pinched lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. My various medical professionals have tried anti-inflamatories (which eat up my stomach despite being on both Prilosec and Zantac), narcotics, acupuncture - including electro-acupuncture, and bodywork. The last one has been the only thing that has helped much. But, I can't afford to see the massage therapist as often as I need to in order to really resolve the pain.

This last week at acupuncture (which I get free at a really cool community clinic here in Portland called Outside In) I got a moxa stick (an herb burned to do the same thing that acupuncture needles do) and some advice about arnica and castor oil being anti-inflammatories. She suggested that I take a hot bath so the pores would be open to allow either the arnica or the castor oil to sink in, then to burn the moxa stick over the region as close as I could stand it to get it as hot as possible.

So, I've been following these instructions this week, but after I finished, I sort of gently smacked the area of my hip. It felt good -- not in the spanko way, but in the "stuff is relaxing" sort of way. So I smacked some more around my hip, then my right buttock, then onto the side of my thigh where the pinched nerve is. It still felt good, so I kept doing it, a little harder this time, until my arm got sore (actually made me feel a slight bit of sympathy for you poor tops). It wasn't enough to register pain, but my right buttock did have this nice tingle, as did my thigh and hip.

And, the cool part is, it's been working. My flank region isn't hurting quite as badly. I can actually palpitate around the bursa without about jumping up from the pain.

Now, I know Paul over at LaFesse had a story from Russian scientists who found that whipping cured depression, though the study has yet to make into the medical journals. But maybe my cure for hip pain can be added to list of the medicinal uses of spanking.