Monday, September 05, 2005

Another thing to add to the list

I got spanked with a leek the other night. Yup. Really.

I was laying on my side in bed watching TV because I was sick and A. came out to ask me a question. Noticing that the leek in his hand was slightly whippy, he smacked me with it a few times on the bottom.

"Owch," I said. My pain threshold is crap these days. And it did have a bit of a thud. He grinned and ordered me to lay on my tummy. "But I'm sick," I pouted. Though I was secretly a bit excited to do something not illness related. So I turned over. And he gave me a few more whacks.

So, now I can add a leek to the list of things I've been spanked with.

And yes, he did wash that leek before putting it in the soup.


Dyke Grrl said...

Hmm. Sounds like A. would be dangerous at a Passover Seder. A few years ago, someone at my wife's seder mentioned this custom of whipping each other with scallions; someone else said they thought it was done with leeks. We had a lively discussion on the topic.

Strange things in my own spanking experience: a roll of rope, still in the package; books (of course!); and I suppose the hand-shaped flyswatter is pretty typical.

Natty said...

LOL -- A. is dangerous with anything whippy. ;)

When I attended a Seder a few years back there was no discussion of this custom of whipping people with vegetables. I feel rather cheated now.

Though in my own faith tradition, Byzantine Catholic of the Carpatho-Rus branch, they have a tradition of boys whipping girls with switches on Easter Monday.

And who says religion isn't handy at times? ;)

Definitely have a few odd things in my spanking experience also. Someday I may just list them. :)

Anonymous said...

"Someday I may just list them. :)"

Please do...Why Easter Monday?


me said...

Oh Eeek!
Oh Eeek!
Natty's been spanked
With a leek!

It is not for the mild
It is not for the meek!

Does no good to holler
No good to shriek
When leek lashings begin --
No mercy to seek!

For when Fate has decided
That pronouncement so bleak
The harsh sentence upon you
To be spanked with a leek!


Now with that all that I've said
In light fun and wry cheek
I'll now leave you with
Hugs from poiesia -- the freak! :)

Anonymous said...

comment from A.

Next week I'll be using a rutabaga.

So get your rhyming dictionary ready...

Natty said...

Sorry to post this so late, but I couldn't let your absolutely delightful poem go unrecognized, Poiesia! Gave A. and I a good chuckle and even got him to venture a comment!

I promise, Sugarpie, that someday I will post a list of all the odd and not so odd implements I've been spanked with. Regarding the Czech tradition of spanking girls on Easter Monday, honestly, I'm not sure why that day. I think it has something to do with cleaning out evil spirits at spring or something. There's a link in my post about the tradition in the archives -- in March I think -- the "My blessed willow switch" one.

pegasus said...

spank it and when its host and juicy cook it